Let me start off by saying that the men and women of U.S. Coast Guard are absolute heroes. The situations they find themselves in are some of the most difficult rescue missions first responders could face. Anything in the water is a dangerous mission.

The men and women that successfully rescued a group in Ocean County recently should be extremely proud of their hard work and dedication. Without those members of the Coast Guard committed to doing their jobs, that group might not be alive today.

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Resources report that the a crew from the Coast Guard post in Barnegat Light had a terrifying and difficult job to do when they got the call about a boat that was going down in the Barnegat Bay this week. According to published reports, the owner of the boat believes that there must of have been something loose at the bottom of the boat, like a plug or something, that was the main source of the vessel taking on water.

Luckily for the four people and the dog on board, the Coast Guard unit was able to reach them just in time. If they had arrived a short time later, the boat would have capsized before everybody was able to safely and successfully evacuate the vessel. It did just that almost immediately after everyone was safely removed from the sinker.

The boat did submerge, but it was able to be recovered and towed into one of the marinas in Lanoka Harbor. It happened to be the same marina that received the rescued group after the Coast Guard saved them. The best news of all is that nobody was hurt.

In a situation like that, I guess that's all they can really hope for, right?

Source: TapInto.net

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