As a fan of the Philadelphia Phillies since birth, I can say with certainty that I'm shocked and appalled at recent information revealed about our fanbase.

As a fan of all Philly-based sports, you get quite accustomed to the stereotype that's perpetuated claiming we're all loud, ignorant, and obnoxious. Sure, we like to talk a lot of smack to the opposing team, but name one sports fan that doesn't? Maybe we are more "in your face" about it, but that's just because we're passionate.

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In Philadelphia, South Jersey, and the surrounding areas, the love for Philly sports really knows no bounds. We're all on cloud nine when they're doing well and beyond ourselves when they're not. It's almost like seasonal depression.

We're also known to party.

Or so I thought...

The biggest drinkers in Major League Baseball

I would have thought that Philly sports fans would land high up on ANY list comparing fans and their desire to party before, during, and after the games. That's definitely true when it comes to fans of the Philadelphia Eagles. When it comes to Phillies baseball fans, that's a whole different conversation.

A recent survey came out claiming that the baseball fans who like to drink the most are actually Chicago White Sox fans. Are you as shocked as I am? Second to them are fans of the Atlanta Braves. So, where do Phillies fans fall? They don't even make the top 10!

MLB fan bases that drink the LEAST

If you're thinking there's no way that Phillies fans could wind up towards the bottom of the list, you're in for a rude awakening. Not only are we towards the bottom of the list, we're DEAD LAST. Phillies fans are apparently the MLB fanbase that enjoys the LEAST number of beers during the game.

According to the folks over at, Phillies fans only enjoy, on average, 2.4 beers per game:

When it comes to MLB fans who drink the least during games, the Philadelphia Phillies rank last with fans consuming an average of 2.4 drinks per game. Phillies fans rank slightly below Oakland A’s fans (2.5 drinks per game) and San Francisco Giants fans (2.7 drinks per game).

Guess this means the Philly sports fan stereotype has to edited, huh?

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