Chick-Fil-A better watch its back. There's a new restaurant that seems to be taking over the southwestern parts of the Garden State, and it shows no signs of letting up, either.

In case you missed the news, chicken restaurant Raising Cane's is currently setting up multiple locations throughout South Jersey. The first that were announced are going up in Burlington County, but it won't be long until both Camden and Gloucester Counties have Raising Cane locations, as well.

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If you've never experienced a Raising Cane's chicken finger, the folks over at described it perfectly. Raising Cane's is to chicken what In-And-Out is to burgers. People are OBSESSED. You either love it or hate it. There's really no middle ground with this one.

When it comes to their menu, they are strictly chicken. To be more specific, you'll exclusively find chicken fingers at any and all Raising Cane's locations. They know what they're good at so they stay in that lane.

Obviously, the obvious question is what does that mean for the beloved Chick-Fil-A?

There's always a HUGE line of cars wrapped around any of South Jersey's multiple Chick-Fil-A locations. With Raising Cane's setting up locations in Washington Township (Gloucester County), Glassboro near Rowan University, and the always booming Deptford, will they steal some of Chick-Fil-A's thunder?

The truth of the matter is, that all depends on what people are looking for.

What is on Raising Cane's menu?

To keep it 💯, chicken fingers. You won't find much of anything else. Sure, there's a sandwich option. Guess what it's made of? You guessed it! Chicken fingers. 3 chicken fingers stacked in a row between 2 buns. You can get sides of French fries and Cole slaw at Raising Cane's, not to mention their rumored-to-be-delicious Cane sauce, but that's pretty much it.

You can't even get honey mustard or barbecue sauce!

Do they offer a kids' menu?

Not so much a specific menu for the youngsters, but a specific meal. Chicken fingers.

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Where will the locations be?

There will be one in Cherry Hill off of Route 70 near Wegmans, another in Deptford where Don Pablo's used to be, the 3rd in Washington Township on the Black Horse Pike in the former Pep Boys building, and another near Rowan University in Glassboro.

Will South Jersey prefer Raising Cane's to Chick-Fil-A?

Time will tell. For those wanting more options, Chick-Fil-A will be the better option. Parents who don't want to deal with kids who can't make up their minds, however, will LOVE Raising Cane's. After all, what kid doesn't love chicken fingers? That's what some of them exist off of, is it not?

Either way, we still wish them good luck.

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