Most Americans do their laundry more than one day a week.

 Families are swapping original laundry packaging for storage with more flattering look.

 Experts warn switching standard packaging for aesthetic purposes could be harmful to children.

It's a chore we all would gladly pass off to someone else. However, if we don't wash our own clothes, who will? If you're one of those lucky people that can afford a laundry service, more power to you. In today's economy, that's not something I'm willing to spend my hard earned money on. I'll grumble through laundry day to get the job done.

Laundry habits in the US

Most families can't restrict laundry duty to just one day. Unfortunately, more and more people are reporting doing the laundry more than two times per week. I'll admit even I have to do laundry more than once a week. My stackable washer and dryer won't allow me to put too many items in one load, so I don't really have much of a choice.

TikTok Laundry Room decor trends

Since we're spending so much more time doing laundry these days, many people would like the room they spend so much time in to look a lot more organized and stylish. That's resulted to many families ditching the original packaging of things like detergent, scent beads, fabric softener, and detergent pods in favor of containers more pleasing to the eye. It's all about the aesthetic these days.

That is, if you ask TikTok.

Research has determined that 36% of Americans believe the laundry room is enhanced with decorative containers. So, they've started to put things like detergent into decorative glasses. Sure, doing that might make the room more aesthetically pleasing, but it might not be the best move if you've got kids in the house.

Aesthetic laundry storage could put kids in danger

If you have littles that can easily access the laundry products, that's a disaster waiting to happen. While there's nothing wrong with wanting your laundry room to look nice, safety should be your number one priority. The folks over at the American Cleaning Institute remind you to always store your laundry products somewhere out of reach of children.

...take a look around your home to help prevent accidental exposures to everyday products. Decanting cleaning products and storing them as decoration within the home puts children, as well as adults with cognitive impairments, at an increased risk for accidental poisoning exposure.

In the event of an accidental exposure, call the Poison Help number at 1-800-222-1222.

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