It's funny how attached we get to our favorite pizza places. I have a couple of go-to pizza spots in Atlantic City - places I swear by -- and I usually don't venture too far from them.

This article caused me to stretch my boundaries, though. I hope you will do the same and try some of the pizza places on this list you haven't had before.

All These Different Types of Pizza

They tell me Neapolitan is the original pizza, carried on from the Naples, Italy 18th century tradition. I love Neapolitan in all of its varieties. Pizza chefs say it should be baked in a wood-burning oven heated at up to 1,000 degrees Fahrenheit like they did in the old days.

That works for me.

But so does Chicago-style pizza, New York style, Sicilian style, Greek style, Detroit and St. Louis style, and California style, too.

Thick crust, thin crust, crispy crust, deep-dish. Sure, I'll take one of each.

I've yet to meet a pizza style I didn't like if it's made the right way.

That's the secret. How to make a really good pizza.

12 Of the Absolute Best Pizza Places in Atlantic City

The 12 Atlantic City pizza places selected here all do a good job making pizza, according to me and the people whose opinions I trusted in putting together this list.

You will recognize some of these pizza spots immediately. Heck, a couple are nationally famous. Others are popular in their Atlantic City neighborhood.

Let's face it, pizza preference is a subjective thing, with lots of emotions, opinions, and feelings.

We feel like these 12 Atlantic City places make delicious pizza. Check out the list, then try one of their pizzas. Good eating!

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