They're chewy, they're crunchy, they're delicious. New Jersey loves its bagels, but ever wondered how many of them we eat in a year? We know the answer.

Bagels, am I right? Never met one I didn't like. I can't give them up, like, EVER. I've tried. They're my weakness. It's just a guilty pleasure I have to allow myself.


Bagels are everything, especially when they're Everything Bagels, lol (preferably with loads of cream cheese, please and thank you).

Just in 2024 alone (and we're pretty early into the year), Google searches for ‘bagels near me’ in New Jersey have jumped 41 percent since last year, according to NJ Digest.

How Many Bagels Does New Jersey Eat in a Year?


Well, the folks at Betway dove into the bagel bin of information and put together some research revealing just how often New Jersey resident consume the round, centerless, wonders of dough.

When the numbers rolled in, they showed that a person in New Jersey, on average, indulges in a bagel 82 times a year!

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The survey also found that the majority of Garden Staters are willing to pay more than $2.50 for a bagel.

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My chosen bagels come from Sharky's in Blackwood. Shout out to their French Toast Bagel, OMG. They're the BEST in South Jersey, fight me. They're so good I'd pay $12.50 for one! But don't tell THEM that, inflation's already doing me in, lol.

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