Kylie Kelce used a local St. Patrick's Day celebration as an excuse to kick up her heels and indulge in a little Irish dancing.


It's a skill I didn't know she had!

Kyle Kelce Irish Dances at Pennsylvania Pub

Kylie Kelce Irish Dancing
Media's Towne House/Facebook; Canva

Kylie Kelce's a field hockey coach, the wife of former (I choke writing that, lol) Philadelphia Eagle Jason Kelce, a mother, and an autism awareness advocate. But RIVER DANCER? I did not have that on my bingo card.

But there she was on St. Patrick's Day, at Media's Towne House, an Irish pub in Media, PA, joining a line of other step dancers and stepping right into the action, barely missing a beat.

At the beginning of the video posted by Media's Towne House on Facebook, Kylie looks a little unsure of herself and she joins hands with other Irish dancers. But within seconds she's confidently stomping in time right along with them, including a little girl.

Watch Jason Kelce's Wife Kylie Irish Step Dancing on St. Patrick's Day

Jason and Kylie Kelce
Getty Images; Canva

Check out the clip of Kylie Kelce dancing below!

Not bad, huh?

Jason Kelce Spends St. Patrick's Day at Media, Pennsylvania Irish Pub

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In case you were wondering, Jason Kelce also spent St. Paddy's Day at Media's Towne House which was PACKED with devotees Erin Go Braugh'ing their way through the holiday.

The newly-retired Philadelphia Eagles Center looks like he toasted to St. Patrick's Day in a very traditional way with a pint of Guinness beer.

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