Used to getting your Starbucks fix from the mall in Vineland? Your coffee runs there are being temporarily put on hold. Here's why.

Never have I ever been to Cumberland Mall and NOT started or ended my shopping visit with hitting the Starbucks.

I also really love that it's AT the mall but not INSIDE the mall.

But, like you, if I find myself at Cumberland Mall in the near future I may have to find another Starbucks along the way. Perhaps the store on W. Landis Ave. in Vineland.

That's because Starbucks at Cumberland Mall is due to close for an extended period of time.


Cumberland Mall broke the news on its socials over the weekend that Starbucks will undergo a makeover. The coffee shop will be closed beginning Sunday, February 4th through Monday, March 18th.

Good thing February's a short month, right? Looks like the renovation will take a little under six weeks to complete. Without getting into specifics, Cumberland Mall promises it will be worth the wait.

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Personally, I've always thought that Starbucks could use a revamping of its layout. Maybe the makeover will include moving the counter towards the back of the store, creating a more open concept for tables and chairs near the entrance. And maybe the counter will be redesigned to make for a more organized mobile order station.

One thing I can't imagine we should expect is for this Starbucks remodel to include a drive-thru. However, it does occupy a corner unit of the mall, so it's possible. Thoughts?

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