A teenage boy who appeared to be running from police outside Lincoln Financial Field in South Philly, PA got grabbed and slammed to the pavement by a security guard and it all plays out on video.

At first I thought, 'Oh cool! A cop on a horse.' I love horses, lol. Then I gasped out loud when I saw an adolescent running through a parking lot at The Linc get chased and leveled by a security guard.

He gets taken OUT. Like, I could FEEL his back hitting the concrete. It was a savage hit.

The video (captured by Jack Gorham and posted by Barstool Philly on Instagram) doesn't confirm if the teen was in fact running away from the police horse or other officers, nor does it provide much context for why he needed to be tackled by security, but WOW. And OUCH.

Check out the clip for yourself below.

Do you think the hit was extreme no matter the circumstances?

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