Do you watch Action News on 6abc? Have you been wondering what happened to longtime sports anchor Jamie Apody? Here's what's up with her absence.

Life's been busy lately, and with the holidays, I didn't think much of it when my mom mentioned to me a few days ago that she hadn't seen Jamie Apody delivering any sports reports.

So, I did some research and found Apody, who's been with Action News for 17 years, is still listed as part of the Action News team on Having said that, so is Jim Gardner's, and he's retired.

But this week on her Instagram, Jamie made a post that seemed to indicate otherwise.

On New Year's Eve, Jamie captioned a photo with her husband, '2023? Don’t let the door hit you on your way out. To those of you who suffered loss this year - of a loved one, or a job, I see you. To those who dealt with illness, mental or physical, I see you. To those who feel alone… you’re not.'

Another red flag? Back around Thanksgiving, Jamie wished her friend and Action News co-worker Adam Joseph a Happy Birthday on IG, writing, 'It used to be MY job to plan this guy’s birthday parties. Oh the stories we could tell.'

Now, I've been an Action News devotee since I was in diapers. I rarely disagree with staffing changes and sometimes reporters just move on or get out of the business.

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However, if this is a situation where Jamie Apody was released by 6abc, I'm pretty displeased about it. Apody brought an enthusiasm to Philly sports reporting rarely seen.

She also represented Action News' first ever female sports anchor; a field largely dominated by men.

All good things must come to an end but, as a longtime viewer, if what I'm thinking is true, I don't love this move, 6abc, I don't love it one bit.

I hope this wasn't a case of ageism, as the social media-verse has begun to speculate.

Jamie, I wish you best of luck in future endeavors if indeed you are no longer part of the 6abc family, and I hope to see you on my TV again in the future.

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