In the genre-bending thriller The Spider Within: A Spider-Verse Story, Miles Morales struggles to balance his responsibilities as a teenager, friend, and student while acting as Brooklyn’s friendly neighborhood Spider-Man. After a particularly challenging day living with these pressures, Miles experiences a panic attack that forces him to confront the manifestations of his anxiety and learn that reaching out for help can be just as brave an act as protecting his city from evil.

The film was made in conjunction with the Kevin Love Fund which, according to its website “strives to inspire people to live their healthiest lives while providing the tools to achieve physical and emotional well being.” NBA star Kevin Love was inspired by his own struggles with anxiety and depression to found the organization, which works to destigmatize mental health challenges.

And as far as superheroes who could deliver a message about the importance of mental health, and the dangers of ignoring anxiety, you won’t find a better one than Spider-Man, whose whole life — whether as Peter Parker or Miles Morales — is one big stress dream.

You can watch “The Spider Within” below. The short runs about five minutes, plus opening and closing credits.

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The third Spider-Verse movie, Spider-Man: Beyond the Spider-Verse, does not currently have an official release date after work on the project was delayed by last year’s writers and actors strikes.

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