More details have emerged from the domestic battery charge that recently landed Ronnie Ortiz-Magro's ex-girlfriend Jen Harley behind bars.

On Sunday (June 24), the Jersey Shore star got into a verbal altercation with the mother of his child at a friend's barbecue, which escalated to violence when Harley allegedly assaulted and dragged the reality star with her vehicle.

Now, sources tell People that the exes' 12-week-old daughter Ariana Sky — who was said to be in the backseat of the former couple's car during the quarrel — was within plain sight of the fight when Harley reportedly beat Ortiz-Magro in the face before driving off as the 32-year-old was attempting to exit the vehicle.

“He was screaming for her to stop the car as she was driving. She hit the median and got a flat tire which caused her to slow down," the insider explained. "He begged to get out and opened the door but she continued to pull away while he was getting out and it tore up his entire arm. It’s a mess from road rash and from being dragged along the street as he was caught in the belt.”

The source states that it was a bystander present during the event who alerted police, adding, “By the time it was said and done there were four flat tires. Police arrived and spoke to the many witnesses. They saw Ron’s arm and spoke to him and then arrested Jen. His face is all busted up from her pummeling him.”

The aftermath resulted in the 31-year-old being booked at the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department, where her bail was set at $3,000.

Harley later posted bond on Tuesday (June 25), the Clark County Detention Center confirmed to the publication. Though it is not yet clear what time she was released.

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