Kelly Clarkson interviewed Christina Aguilera on her new talk show, The Kelly Clarkson Show. During the interview, Clarkson revealed that she had no idea Aguilera co-wrote Clarkson's smash single "Miss Independent."

Clarkson said that the track is a song she's still excited to sing on a regular basis.

"Funny enough... no one told me at RCA, my first label, this is true... I got my record and I was like, 'Oh my God, my first record!' I'm sitting here looking at the booklet and I was like, 'Why is Christina Aguilera in here?'" Clarkson told Aguilera and the audience.

"I didn't know you wrote with Rhett [Lawrence] and wrote ... part of that," Clarkson stammered. The former NBC's The Voice judge laughed and seemingly forgot that she wrote a portion of the song, for a moment. "I literally had no idea where you were going with that," Aguilera continued laughing.

"No one told me and this was the thing that pissed me off was, 'Why didn't you tell me? I love her!' I would have been so excited," Clarkson said.

The reason the record label didn't tell her, it turns out, is because not all female artists love supporting other female artists. "Well, let's get rid of them," Clarkson said to Aguilera's agreement.

"That's one of the most discouraging things about this business, is people definitely categorize and pit you against each other," Aguilera commented. The two both ended the conversation by sharing a high five and saying that they're changing the music industry.

Watch the full interview, below!

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