Ben Simmons becomes a topic in Kendall Jenner's Vogue Australia Interview.

Since the start of his basketball career, it has been a difficult troupe for Ben Simmons to steer clear of being in the public eye and keeping his private life private. This, of course, includes his love life something he has not been vocal about.

Supermodel and Simmons’ girlfriend, 23-year-old Kendall Jenner, spoke to Vogue Australia about the pair’s relationship and plans for the future.

Eyebrows began to raise when Jenner was seen court side at nearly all of Simmons’ home games at the Wells Fargo Center, until her appearances suddenly came to a halt.

Despite public speculation of a breakup, Jenner assured Vogue that the couple is still going strong but the young couple are simply making more an effort to keep their relationship private.

Jenner says that she believes a relationship should be between two people and is best when other peoples opinions stay far away from it. When the topic of marriage came up, reported Jenner saying “Maybe. Definitely not now, but maybe one day,".

We will be waiting for those wedding invites!

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