Get ready for a new restaurant chain making its way to Moorestown!

Lazy Dog Restaurant and Bar is coming soon to the former location of Don Pablo's, located in East Gate Square, right near the Moorestown Mall.

Vacant Don Pablo's restaurant in Moorestown, NJ
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This exciting news is according to Facebook community page, 'A View from Evesham.'

The empty Don Pablo's has been sitting here vacant for over 5 years since it closed way back in 2018 when the company filed for bankruptcy. It's high time this building sees a new beginning.

Google Maps
Google Maps

Never heard of Lazy Dog? That may because this will be the first ever Lazy Dog in New Jersey!

What is Lazy Dog Restaurant and Bar?

Lazy Dog Restaurant and Bar in Fairfax, VA
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Lazy Dog Restaurant and Bar is a casual American dining chain with over 40 locations nationwide. Their locations are in California, Florida, Nevada, Texas, Colorado, Illinois, Georgia and Virginia. So it's pretty cool that they're planting their flag in New Jersey with this first location in Moorestown!

They serve made-from-scratch American food and drinks with seasonally-inspired ingredients! Their menu includes a wide variety of burgers, sandwiches, salads, noodles,  desserts, and retro-style TV dinners.

When will Lazy Dog open in Moorestown?

According to the Facebook post, there's no word yet on when Lazy Dog projects it will be opening. Keep your eyes peeled for upcoming construction work!

Ever been to a Lazy Dog? And are you looking forward to trying this place once it comes to New Jersey? We'll keep an eye out for any projected opening dates!

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