Logan Paul's next video venture shows the digital star is the gift that keeps on giving, whether his detractors like it or not, apparently.

His latest experiment, you ask? A documentary of the turbulent year he's had since uploading a 15-minute video showing the body of a dead man while he and his friends toured a Japanese wood infamously known as the "suicide forest" on December 31.

He announced the project news in a video titled "Why I Haven't Been Posting…" on July 4. "You guys, I don't know if you know this but we're actually filming a documentary about everything that's happened this year," the 23-year-old says in the clip, adding, "all the stuff that went down in January, where I was at in my life and kind of the psyche of what actually happened."

By "all the stuff that went down in January," the YouTuber is referring to the international ire he drew over the callous video, which he immediately took down and issued an apology for. "I don't expect to be forgiven, I'm simply here to apologize," he said in an explanatory YouTube video posted January 1. "I’m ashamed of myself. I’m disappointed in myself. And I promise to do better. I will do better.”

Consequentially, YouTube responded to the controversy by pulling Paul's channels from Google Preferred, cutting him from Season 4 of the YouTube Red series Foursome, and momentarily suspended his involvement in upcoming projects.

Weeks later, Paul pledged $1 million to suicide prevention programs and filmed himself in conversation with survivors of suicide and experts on the subject to raise awareness on mental health.

Paul continued to make headlines even after the incident when he tasered two dead rats and jokingly administered CPR to one of his ailing fish. YouTube consequentially suspended all ads on Paul's channels due to his repeated misbehavior.

For the upcoming doc, the digital personality also promises to offer personal insight into his childhood and upbringing in his doc, as witnessed when Paul revisits his high school's wrestling team and mentor to offer life advice to his contemporaries. “Kids nowadays need inspiration,” he says. “They need people to look up to, people to motivate them.”

Whether the project will be yet another series of jests or an extension of proof that Paul really has changed his ways, only time will tell.

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