The addition of Diddy as a judge on the reality competition show, The Four, has been pretty entertaining but the internet has a way of turning things up a notch. On a recent episode of the show, the Bad Boy Entertainment boss provided fodder for meme makers with an intense stare down with a contestant.

The episode aired in late June and happened during the judging of contestant, Elijah Conner. The singer walked out with all the swagger in the world, rocking a flashy brown coat. He claimed to have a musical bloodline with Prince being his cousin. But the judges seemed less than impressed with his performance, especially Puff.

"I'ma tell you like this...straight up I didn't like it at all," he told Connor with a straight face. "It had too many backflips too many tricks. And you came out too swagged out to not have blown me away. I know you can take this, because I know you are talented. I didn't like that performance, especially when I think you can do better."

When the verdict was announced as a no-go, Connor stared on in disbelief for an awkwardly-long amount of time. Diddy then took off his glasses and returned the glare for almost 30 seconds before they both stopped. With the internet being the internet, people have used the hilarious moment to come up with some funny memes surrounding the exchange.

You can check out the video that started it all and some of the memes that continue to keep giving below.

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