Oh No! Netflix is trying to catch us secretly using other people's accounts!

According to IFLScience! there is a new villain in town that will be catching you red-handed sharing accounts with other Netflix bingers. Actually, it's not just with Netflix. This is also happening with Hulu and Amazon Prime.

Hulu TCA Presentation
Credit: Michael Kovac

This new technology (Synamedia) has created a monster that will advise the media service providers if you don't belong to the family that is sharing their account with you.

Yeah! You're wondering how are they going to do that right? Well check this out!

IFLScience! mentioned that Synamedia will be checking users locations. Depending on where you are located, it may be able to tell if you don't belong to that particular household. Another way your account can be flagged is if you happen to be watching something unusual that doesn't match the recently viewed or favorited movies/shows.

Hypbeast.com also mentioned that now a days a huge amount of millennials use other people's accounts causing Netflix to lose billions of dollars. Even though the CEO of Netflix mentioned at the Consumer Electronics Show 2017 that Netflix doesn't mind if people share their accounts with others. "That's a positive thing, not a negative thing."

With all that being said no need to panic my friend . . . This is all still up in the air and it might not even happen with any of these media service providers.

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