Baseball season is just around the corner and Phillies fans will be packed inside Citizens Bank Park sooner than we know it. The Phillies had quite the season last year and we’re hoping they can go all the way this year.

New polls have been taken amongst MLB fans though, and a Philly fan favorite may have just been ranked as one of the most annoying players in the MLB! Philly fans take their sports very seriously and it’s no secret that Philly is home to some of the most dedicated fans in sports history.

Along with being super dedicated, there always comes backlash and Phillies fans are just used to it at this point! A new poll has Phillies fans and the team ranked on the top of some lists, but maybe not the lists we’d like to be on!

There was a ranking released of the MLB’s most annoying players in the entire league and NBC10 Philadelphia reported that this Philly fav has unfortunately come in at number 2!

Bryce Harper was ranked as the 2nd most annoying player in the entire MLB!

I think it’s one of those instances where people just hate him because he’s so good because he seems like a nice guy! Do you agree with this? I don’t. Phillies fans also ranked as number 5 on the list of the most annoying fans in all of baseball for 2023.

Yankees fans took the number 1 spot, so that’s a small victory for us! We also ranked number 2 for worst-behaved fans and number 6 on the poll for most arrogant fans. We can never win, Philly!

The Phillies season opener is happening on Thursday, March 30 at the Ranger’s stadium and their Home Opener will be Tuesday, April 6th.

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