If you plan to go down the shore this summer, or already have, you will probably notice a lot of hotels that are closed because of the pandemic. However, it seems like a hotel in Ocean City New Jersey is not going to be held back by the pandemic any longer. OCNJdaily.com recently shared that there will be a new hotel in the beach town. It "will be the first new hotel built in Ocean City in more than 20 years."

That's a long time, wow!

The new Ocean City hotel will be called the Impala Suites Boutique Hotel. It was mentioned on OCNJdaily.com that it should be opening this August. The developer, Christopher Glancey, told OCNJdaily.com that the view will be great from the hotel. He shared, “You also have a view of the ocean.”

Just like everything else that was being built this year, the process of the Impala Suites Boutique Hotel was put on hold for a little while but will still be opening up next month. It was also mentioned that the hotel will be located right on the corner of 10th Street and Ocean Avenue.

Usually, I want to go down the shore and stay there for a few nights but the hotel prices are typically really expensive. But, we have some good news for you. OCNJdaily.com reported that the prices at the Impala Suites Boutique Hotel will have "mid-market property" that will be at a better price than other hotels in the area.

The Impala Suites Boutique Hotel will be walking distance from the boardwalk.

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