Our kids are the ones that will be leading our country in the future so we want to make sure that they get the proper education, right?

You are lucky if your kids are going to a school in the state of New Jersey.

Wallet Hub recently conducted a survey that found that the state of New Jersey has the 3rd best school system in America. That is pretty amazing if you ask me.

For this survey, Wallet Hub took a more comprehensive approach and took a further look at performance, funding, safety, class size, and instructor credentials. This approach made by Wallet Hub was taken in order to find 2021’s States with the Best & Worst School Systems.

Overall, the state of New Jersey ranked 3rd best state when it comes to school systems in America, but other categories helped New Jersey get that great ranking.

Those categories include Quality and Safety.

  • Quality - New Jersey landed on the 3rd spot.
  • Safety - New Jersey took the 19th spot.

The survey also ranked states for Lowest Drop Out Rate, Highest Math Test Score, Highest Reading Test Score, amongst other categories.

Here is where the state of New Jersey landed in those categories.

  • Lowest Drop Out Rate -  New Jersey ties with Kentucky on the 4th spot.
  • Highest Math Test Score - New Jersey takes the 3rd spot.
  • Highest Reading Test Scores - New Jersey is the 2nd best.

The state of Pennsylvania lands right in the middle in the 24th spot on the overall rankings.

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