Congratulations. Best of NJ has included two Mercer County restaurants in its Best of New Jersey Restaurant Guide.

How did they make it on this list? Best of NJ looked for a few things...unique menus, interesting backgrounds, being eco-friendly, and community minded.

The first restaurant in the Central Jersey section of the list is in Pennington. It's Boro Market Restaurant Bar. The cuisine is New American and their signature dish is their brisket burger. According to one of the owners, Ben Sanford, their restaurant is great for date night as well as family dinners with good ambiance (a Parisian modern design) and great food. This place has been on my list of restaurants to try in the area for a while just moved up to the top. Lol. It's located at 147 West Delaware Avenue. Read more about it here.

The second restaurant on the list is a newer restaurant in Ewing. It's Pastadoro located in Campus Town at The College of New Jersey off of Route 31. Another place that has peaked my interest. It's a casual, quick, and afforable Italian restaurant featuring the Build-Your-Own-Pasta Bowl. The more pasta the better for me. Lol. According to the Best of New Jersey Restaurant Guide, Nonna's secret Sunday sauce is not to be missed. I can't wait to try it. Read more about it here.

To see the complete list, click here.

This is a great guide if you'd like to discover new restaurants throughout the state. I'm excited to try them all, especially the local ones.

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