I would easily say that the future of our kids is probably one of the most important things to most parents. It has been reported by WalletHub.com that about 1 in 9 young adults all over the country aren't working nor attending school. Most young adults are considered to be between the ages of 16 and 24.

What is even more interesting is that about 70 percent of young Americans are actually not available to join the military. According to Wallet Hub, that huge percentage of young Americans that can't join the military to try and better their lives is because they weren't able to keep up their academic grades as well as "moral and health qualifications."

If you live in the state of New Jersey just know that you are living in a state where young adults have the potential of a better chance to live a better life.

Wallet Hub mentioned that all 50 states plus Washington DC were ranked and the data shared "set ranges from share of disconnected youth to labor force participation rate among youth to youth poverty rate."

The Garden State ranked extremely low when it comes to young adults being at risk and this is one where you don't want to rank at all. For New Jersey, they took the 50th spot for 'Most at Risk." For education & employment, the state was ranked 46, and as of health, it took the 51st spot.

Source: WalletHub

As for Pennsylvania, it landed in the 31st spot for overall most at risk for young adults. That's not too bad but not as good as New Jersey.

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