Temple University in Philadelphia will be launching a new scholarship program that will help first generation college students and current students.

According to Temple Now, the program will be known as, The Broad Street Finish Line Scholarship. Annually, it plans on supporting first generation college students by setting aside almost $200,000 in endowment funds. They will be awarding students in increments of $500 or up $5,000 according to their financial needs. Yet the bulk of the scholarship fund will be awarded to current Temple students who experience financial struggles during their time at school.

One of the main purposes of this new scholarship program is keep Philadelphia's only public university available and affordable to all students, especially students from the city. Yet all students including international students are eligible for the scholarship. They are also hoping students will complete their education in four years to minimize their student loan debt.

I like that The Broad Street Finish Line Scholarship has a pay it forward reminder attached to it. Recipients of this scholarship will be encouraged to support and donate after graduating and starting their professional careers to keep the program funded for future generations.

I wish something like this was around during the time my brother and I decided to further our education. My brother was the first one in our family to get his bachelor's degree. I know a scholarship program like this, will be appreciated and will be beyond helpful to students navigating college with parents who have never been through the process before.

Read more on The Broad Street Finish Line Scholarship program here

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