Grab a seat at the bar, and start that tab - you're gonna be hanging out at these exciting new bars in Philly for a while.

If you're an avid bar hopper in the City of Brotherly Love, looking for a new spot with creative cocktails, dynamic dishes and an undeniably magnetic atmosphere, you've got to put these new bars on your to-go list.

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Esquire magazine has revealed their latest list of the 42 Best Bars in America 2024, and these two new bars are already shining so brightly in the city of Philadelphia!

Poison Heart - Northern Liberties

For the punk-rock lover in you, Poison Heart, located at 931 Spring Garden St, is the place for you! They just opened last summer, and their neon atmosphere and elevated bar food is making quite a splash. Come as you are. Misfits, tattoos and leather jackets welcome.

Credit: Instagram @poisonheartbar
Credit: Instagram @poisonheartbar

Esquire says:

"The appeal of Poison Heart is in its slightly punk stylishness. You can have fancy things like oysters and a freezer martini and a well-rounded wine list (it’s the same team behind Esquire Best Bar Superfolie) and a knowledgeable staff, but you can also have waffle fries and a patty melt and popcorn and a vibe that has you wishing you’d worn your black leather jacket."

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Post Haste - East Kensington

Head to Post Haste Bar & Restaurant, located at 2519 Frankford Ave in East Kensington for their modern mid-century aesthetic and "farm-to-glass" approach to service.

Esquire says:

"Keeping things local has been a characteristic of the food space for a long time. In the drinks space, not so much. Fred Beebe and Gabriel Guerrero of Post Haste are trying to counteract that by only employing ingredients from east of the Mississippi. That means anything that comes in a bottle, even the ginger used in syrups, is from local distillers."

Have you checked these spots out? Go solo or grab your buds for a great new experience!

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