Presumably, a bunch of stores in Ocean City are breaking a specific law every day.

That law: Ground hamburger may not be sold in Ocean City. Oh, the humanity! Or, the cow-ity... or something.

We don't know that the law actually exists - but, according to the internet, it does exist, right in Ocean City, New Jersey!

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Some other Ocean City laws we uncovered (again, if the internet is to be believed) are: you cannot slurp your soup, and pinball games are forbidden on Sunday. Those laws can be found on

So, no boiling of  bones in Sea Isle City.... I assume this means as in boiling bones (like chicken) for soup. Not, like, a Jeffrey Dahmer kind of boiling bones thing.

Here are a few more New Jersey laws, found at

  • It's illegal to see handcuffs to a minor.
  • In Trenton, you're not allowed to eat pickles on Sundays.
  • The third Thursday of October is designated as “New Jersey Credit Union Day” and citizens of the state should observe the day with “appropriate activities and programs”. (I'm already planning my celebrations!)

We have no idea if any of these laws are actually true or, if they are, can be enforceable.

Do you know of any strange laws in your New Jersey city or town - or statewide? We'd love to hear about it. Please leave your laws in the comments section - and, be careful out there!

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