Did you ever play the gas station guessing game when you were younger? Basically, you would guess how much it was going to cost to fill the tank and then watch the meter to see whose guess was closest to the actual cost. While it was fun when we were younger, now it isn’t because I’m the one paying. I swear nothing is worse than guessing way too low and watching as the meter continue to climb and climb. Truly, sometimes it feels like it will never stop.

Did you know that Pennsylvania has some of the most expensive gas prices? According to AAA, gas prices in Pennsylvania are averaging above $3 per gallon for the first time in two years. Isn’t that insane?!

According to 6ABC, this is happening because of what they call the “perfect storm”. Basically, the winter storm took out a ton of U.S. factories and countries that export fuel pulled back production. This is why the prices are increasing. And it will only get worse before it gets better, especially as more people get vaccines and restrictions are lifted. People will hit the road and the demand for gas will be really high.

One question you may have is whether Pennsylvania’s gas prices are normal compared to the rest of the U.S.? Although we are lucky to live in the wonderful tri-state area, we are not so lucky when it comes to gas prices. The national average is $2.79 per gallon but Pennsylvania’s average is $3.01, and New Jersey’s is $2.89. Guess there has to be some downsides to living in one of the best states in the U.S.


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