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People always ask me 'how's the view up there' and I have to admit: I'm pretty spoiled because I absolutely have the best view in the house. From seeing the hordes of people making donations to the nightly activities keeping us all in good spirits, I see it all. And don't get me started on seeing the dozens of Toms River emergency vehicles making their grand entrance into the radiothon every Thursday night - that's simply spectacular. Yeah, all in all I have it pretty good from up here on the billboard, but believe it or not, there's one view that's even cooler.

Every year, my good pal Justin Louis from our sister station 92.7 WOBM makes a point of stopping by and grabbing some footage from his nifty drone. I have to admit, the shots he gets are awesome and even put my bird's eye view to shame. This year's footage looks especially cool with the fall foliage in the background.

Check out some of the best shot's from the drone at this year's Ocean of Love Billboard Radiothon:

And for more information on Ocean of Love and all things Billboard Radiothon, CLICK HERE.

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