This landmark diner with a seriously dark past is about to start a new beginning!

The Seville Diner, located at 1035 NJ-18 in East Brunswick, is set to reopen following a whole new makeover according to The diner is notoriously known for a tragedy that happened 16 years ago.

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The diner closed permanently in 2021, after filing for bankruptcy. The landlord was hopeful to find a new tenant while it sat empty for about two years, according to My Central Jersey. This could have been a tricky endeavor considering what happened there in 2007. It's become something of New Jersey legend.

What happened at Seville Diner?

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If you're not familiar, Seville Diner is the location where one of the co-owners was violently murdered right in parking lot in 2007. Even after 16 years, the case is still unsolved. It seems to have been a mob hit, as the the co-owner was an alleged member of a New Jersey crime family, according to the article. He was reportedly a confidential informant. And if you've ever watched The Sopranos or a mob movie, there's little mystery as to what happens next if the cat gets out of the bag.

But now, the decades-old diner is about to make a comeback! The diner has come into new ownership, and the new owner is planning to do a whole round of interior renovations, but keeping the exterior the same.

When will Seville Diner reopen?

The new owner says they will hopefully open in about 6-8 months. So hang tight!

Are you excited to see this landmark diner make a comeback? Let us know in the comments!

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