Snoop Dogg is putting down the weed, or so we think? The veteran rap stoner released a statement saying he's giving up smoking, but some fans are skeptical.

Snoop Dogg Announces He's Giving Up Smoke

On Thursday (Nov. 16), Snoop Dogg shared on social media that he's giving up smoking. In his post, the West Coast rap icon shared a black-and-white image of himself with his hands in prayer with a message stating that he's quitting smoking.

"After much consideration & conversation with my family, I've decided to give up smoke," the statement reads. "Please respect my privacy at this time."

It's unclear if Snoop is giving up weed altogether or if he's going to instead enjoy cannabis in other non-smoking forms like edibles, gummies and other treats.

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Some Fans Are Skeptical About Snoop Dogg Putting Down the Weed

Reactions to Snoop Dogg's announcement have been mixed. Some fans are skeptical and feel that maybe after a brief period, the Doggfather will resume his smoking pastime. However, some people are supportive of Snoop's new journey of weed sobriety.

On Instagram, rapper Fat Joe and producer 9th Wonder offered prayer hands in response to his statement.

Fat Joe comments on Snoop's statement to quit smoking.
9th Wonder comments on Snoop's statement of quitting smoking.

But some people think Snoop had a health scare and will be back to smoking after a brief rest.

"Must of had a health scare. Take a break for now and see if it helps," wrote one person on Instagram.

Fan comments on Snoop's statement that he's quitting smoking.

Meanwhile, on Twitter, some people are not buying it.

"Snoop said 'smoke' not weed. Watch him drop a line of edibles. I’m here for that," wrote one fan.

"Is Snoop giving up smoke like Jay-Z retiring?" tweeted one skeptical reader.

A third person wrote: "If Snoop Dogg doesn't post a video about it I'm not believing it, you can't quit smoke when you are smoke."

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Check out Snoop Dogg's statement and some more fans' reactions below.

Read Snoop Dogg's Statement on Giving Up the Smoke

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