LAKEWOOD — As firefighter battled a huge fire at a catering company, someone made sure the firefighters were taken care of on Sunday night — purchasing 150 sandwiches for the crews battling the blaze.

The single-story building that houses Greenwald Caterers at East 8th Street in Lakewood was destroyed by the fire, which started around 8 p.m., fire officials told the Lakewood Scoop.

In a video posted to the Scoop, Mayor Meir Lichtenstein said firefighters responded to a report of a smoke condition that quickly turned into a fire. Lichtenstein said the building contains machinery and propane, and there was concern about a possible roof collapse.

JCP&L had to shut power to the surrounding neighborhood until firefighters could isolate wires inside the building, according to the mayor.

Two firefighters suffered minor injuries in the fire. Lichtenstein said the rubber in the roof is toxic and urged people with small children to stay away.

During the course of the evening someone anonymously ordered 150 sandwiches for the firefighters at a cost of over $1,500 including tax from the Glatt Bite restaurant,   also according to the Lakewood Scoop.

A manager at the restaurant on Monday named Bob said he was not working late Sunday night when the order came in and was unaware who ordered the sandwiches.

"Someone came in,. There was a big fire in Lakewood last night and they ordered an enormous amount of sandwiches," the manager said, adding that he has "100 messages"  on his desk from people who have called about it.

Fire at caterer in Lakewood
Fire at caterer in Lakewood (Lakewood Scoop)

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