The Addam's Family movie trailer just dropped and the squad is taking their creepy talents to New Jersey.

I mean, seriously. I love this.

The Addam's Family is such a classic and I just love what they've done with the animation, it looks so good.

Also, their moving to NJ, com'on it can't get any better then that.

According to, it only makes sense that the family moves to NJ because, "Charles Addams, the cartoonist who created the Addams Family, was from Westfield."

Of course New Jersey is way different from what the family is used to, so naturally it's going to take them a lot of work to adjust.

Basically, that's the plot of the movie, adjusting to NJ life.

Not to mention, Snoop Dogg is playing Cousin Itt. Everything about this is just so good.

The movie drops perfectly around Halloween on October 11th, and I'm totally going to watch it.

Check out the trailer below. Trust me it doesn't disappoint.


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