Did you know TikTok musicals were a thing? Last year there was Ratatouille the Musical and now we have Bridgerton The Musical created by 22-year-old Abigail Barlow and 19-year-old Emily Bear. Bridgerton, after being released on Christmas Day 2020, has surpassed all other shows on Netflix becoming the platform’s “biggest show ever” with over 82 million streams according to People.

While in an interview with People, Barlow said that she was inspired to create this musical after binge-watching Bridgerton and hearing this line spoken by Lord Henry Granville, “You have no idea what it's like to be in a room with someone you can't live without, and feel like they're oceans away from you.” After this, she uploaded a snippet of a song called “Oceans Away”, a duet between Simon and Daphne, to TikTok and the idea spiraled from there.

People reports that a second song, "Burn for You," has gotten a staggering 4.5 million views, 764,000 likes, and has been duetted by thousands of users.



After both videos went viral, Barlow contacted her friend Emily Bear, a young piano prodigy and composer and the two got to work. Possibly the most impressive part of all of this is the duo’s ability to create while engaging with fans and supporters online. To date, the two have created 11 songs for the musical for all sorts of characters from the show.

According to People, the craziest part for Barlow was having all of the cast members that she watched on-screen DM-ing them and asking for the full songs. Julia Quinn, the author of the Bridgerton books, has also reached out and been in contact with them.


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