Great news if you love putting yourself into blissful burrito food comas. More festive delicious is about to roll up in Union County NJ!

According to, Bubbakoo's Burritos just opened another Central Jersey location in Berkeley Heights! Their new additional location at 410 Springfield Ave debuted for their grand opening on May 18.

Along with their locations in Clark, Somerville, Clinton, New Brunswick, Monroe and Spotswood, this is their 7th location in Central NJ.

Founded in Point Pleasant in 2008, this awesome Mexican fusion chain has expanded has expanded, now with over 70 locations in 10 states. They also plan on opening another location in Livingston this Fall. You can check out their full list of locations HERE. 

If you've never been here before, throw away your expectations and level them up, because these aren't your typical burritos and tacos! These are pretty jacked up in the best ways!

With menu items like "Nashville Hot Chicken Burrito", "General Tso's Tacos", and "Jamaican Jerk Quesadillas", it's a yummy fusion of different flavors and cuisine styles! They also have delicious chicken wings, tater tots and friends, taco bowls and more! Check out their full menu HERE. 

I've personally never been here before but after checking out this menu, I've gotta get to one of these restaurants. I got my eyes on that Nashville hot chicken burrito!

What do you think? Are you happy to have another Bubbakoo's in Central Jersey? Let us know!



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