A star is speeding into New Jersey, a Hollywood star that is. Actor and race car driver Patrick Dempsey is in Trenton this week filming a pillow for a new CBS series. The show is called “Ways & Means,” formerly “The Whip,” and it is a political drama set in Washington D.C and New Jersey will be the background for some scenes.

Dempsey also serves as executive producer and, according to Trenton Daily, he is portraying “a powerful congressional leader who has lost faith in politics and finds himself working secretly with an idealistic young congresswoman from the opposing party to subvert the hopelessly gridlocked system he helped create.” This is his first series-regular role since he played Sr. Derek Shepherd aka “McDreamy,” in “Grey’s Anatomy.”

Just weeks ago, the show filmed outside of St. Peter’s Episcopal Church in Morristown and shot some scenes on a few streets in Morristown near Maple Avenue and Miller Road. Perhaps more excitingly, according to Geoffrey Vaughn of the Trenton-based architectural firm, Clarke Carton Hintz, the production team will be filming outside of the NJ Capitol Building this week.

According to Trenton Daily, the pilot episode will feature a few shots of Mill Hill to depict a resemblance of Georgetown University and the Trenton War Memorial will be utilized as a make-shift costume area. The first and second floor of Clarke Caton Hintz will be used for catering.

“Ways & Means” is only one of four new drama shows in the works for CBS and it apparently is not the only one to be filmed in The Garden State. According to NJ.com, “Equalizer,” starring NJ native, Queen Latifah, has been filmed throughout parts of Jersey City and Paterson. The pilot premiered Feb. 7 after the Big Game.


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