Kylie Jenner’s ex-friend and model Jordyn Woods celebrated her 23rd birthday on Wednesday, making the theme of it “23 on the 23rd” inspired by Michael Jordan. To top off her birthday, she was able to celebrate it with rumored boyfriend, Minnesota Timberwolves’ Karl-Anthony Towns.

Towns showered Woods with a Hermès Birkin bag, another Birkin bag in orange leather and a Chanel purse covered in crystals, according to Yahoo! News. In addition, the NBA star also gave Woods a signed Michael Jordan jersey, to top off the theme of her birthday bash. These rumors must be true if Towns gave Woods almost $70,000 worth in gifts!


Even though Woods has denied accusations of their relationship being more than just friends, TMZ states that Towns confirmed their rumored relationship to be true when he posted a picture for Woods’ birthday that was captioned, “Happy BDAY Queen.” His hand was on her butt by the way. Woods' little sister even posted a picture on her Instagram story of the the couple and captioned it "Parents."

To make this even better, Towns is actually a New Jersey native. We love to rep our Garden State stars! Towns was born in Edison, NJ and grew up in Piscataway, NJ, according to People Pill. He started basketball at young age and actually repeated the seventh grade in order to improve his skills. Towns attended St. Joseph High School, a Roman-Catholic college preparatory school in Metuchen and Edison, NJ.

People Pill states that during his high school career he led his team to the state championship in 2012, earning himself the top position in the ESPN 25 national ranking of high school players. Towns played college basketball at the University of Kentucky, and was eventually Minnesota Timberwolves’s first overall pick in the 2015 NBA draft.

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