Spider-Man fans are already so excited about the new ‘Spider-Man 3’ movie with Tom Holland and Zendaya. But now fans, especially one that call NJ home, can get even more excited because New Jersey’s very own Kirsten Dunst is set to be a part of the film as well! She would be bringing back her role of Mary Jane Watson from previous Spider-Man movies.

Fans of the franchise might be confused as to how this may be happening, considering Mary Jane and her Spider-Man take place in a different universe from Tom Holland’s Spider-Man. But that’s exactly it, ‘Spider-Man 3’ is set to take place in multiple universes. Similar to the 2018 Oscar-winning animated film “Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse". According to NJ.com, Marvel and Sony are working on bringing back Tony Maguire, the actor who plays Spider-Man in Dunst’s universe, and potentially even Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone from ‘The Amazing Spider-Man' universe.

Kirsten Dunst is a Point Pleasant native and according to NJ.com, she still calls herself a proud ‘Jersey girl’. She’s mostly known for playing Peter Parker’s girlfriend in the three Spider-Man movies throughout 2002-2007. Not to mention the iconic upside-down kiss scene we all wish we could recreate in a way that’s just as awesome. She also starred in ‘Little Women’, ‘Bring it On’, ‘Fargo’, and more. According to nj.com she also received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in August of 2019.

It’ll be so exciting for Dunst to reprise her iconic role in this new film and we can’t wait to watch it!


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