A woman on TikTok has found viral fame for her impressive plant collection and confession of how she grew it.

In her viral video, @raaee____, a.k.a. Rae, shares that she has only purchased one plant for her home.

As for the others, she says she steals the leaves and clippings of plants found at various stores and then replants the plucked greenery to grow new plants.

Planting leaves and growing a new plant is called propagating.

In the clip, Rae can be seen taking a leaf off a plant while a voiceover reads the caption: “When someone asks where do you get all of your plants.”

Her video has gone viral, with over 652,000 likes and countless reactions to her confession in the comments.

Some TikTok users are surprised to learn you can grow plants from leaves. Others, however, don't approve of how Rae gathers her leaf clippings.

“This is a big no-no in the plant community,” one user commented.

A second TikToker wrote, “That’s kinda disrespectful. It’s different if it’s already fallen off the plant.”

Others believe that stealing leaves from big corporations is fine, but frown upon swiping greenery from small businesses.

“If it’s a chain (Home Depot), proplift away,” someone weighed in, “but pls don’t hurt small business plants.”

Overall, the comments on Rae’s video are polarizing. However, they don't seem to be stopping her from supplying herself with plants.

As Rae’s plant collection continues to grow, the green-thumbed woman uses TikTok to show off her impressive collection, even joking that her home is quickly becoming a greenhouse.

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