On TikTok you can find tons of old and new challenges. We can say that many of the challenges are fun but right now there is one challenge that is not funny, not safe, and just a very bad challenge.

While browsing TikTok we found that there is this challenge going across the country that can possibly put students' lives in danger.

The rumor is that the TikTok challenge is encouraging students to make active shooter threats. That is just not okay.

We did some research and a school district in Maryland has made it known that law enforcement officers are aware of the bad TikTok challenge but "there are no credible threats."

NJ.com also shared that in the state of New Jersey many police departments have stated that the active shooter claims are false at the moment. Even though the active shooter challenge threats are allegedly not credible, the New Jersey police departments will make sure to take the proper steps to keep everyone safe, according to NJ.com.

The TikTok active shooter challenge is pushing students to make threats and harm people on December 17, 2021.

After watching multiple TikTok videos, there really is not one specific school that is being targeted. This is still a scary moment for many students and parents.

The Maryland school district put out a great message, reading, "Please stress to your children that choices they make now can carry long-standing consequences that will impact plans for college, career and other goals."

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