Looking for some outdoor fun in the nice spring weather? It's strawberry season (mid-May - early June) in New Jersey and there are a bunch of fun, u-pick farms to check out.

When I was growing up, my family went to a farm to pick strawberries every year. It was so much fun. Oh, I can still taste the sweetness. My dad would joke around and say how relieved he was that they didn't weigh him going in and then out of the strawberry fields. He couldn't resist popping a few in his mouth while we picked.

After our harvest, my mom would be busy in the kitchen for weeks making homemade strawberry jam and other treats...such sweet memories.

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Our church in my hometown (Cranbury, NJ) has hosted a Strawberry Festival for as long as I can remember with strawberry themed games and desserts. My favorite was angel food cake with fresh strawberries and cool whip on top.

If you plan on going strawberry picking, you need to be prepared. Remember you're going out into a field at a farm. It's dirty. It can be hot. Bring water, put on some sunscreen if you tend to burn and wearing a hat isn't a bad idea. I wouldn't wear any clothes that you don't want to get dirty either. Sneakers are probably best for your feet, unless you don't mind your feet getting dusty.

Check with the farm to see if they give you containers to collect your strawberries or you should bring your own.

Don't forget you can freeze them so you can have farm fresh strawberries all year long.

Keep reading for a list of must visit u-pick strawberry farms in Central New Jersey.

U Pick Strawberry Farms in Central New Jersey

Strawberry season in New Jersey is Mid-May through early June. There's nothing better than picking your own sweet stash from a local farm.

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