It is not going to be your normal wild Black Friday shopping this year. Being realistic, no one knows what will be open or if there will be any Black Friday shopping at all. Home Depot was one of the stores that made it known that they will not have a one-day Black Friday sale. Instead, they've decided to extend the sale in an effort to avoid having long lines and big crowds.

Good Morning America recently reported that Walmart is starting to put a Black Friday game plan together as well. We learned that Walmart is looking to hire a lot of new employees for the holiday season. In addition to this, Walmart is also looking to have "earlier holiday shopping deals." According to Good Morning America, Walmart is putting together in-store safety guidelines as they more than likely will be getting a bunch of customers trying to do some Black Friday Shopping.

Maybe you are trying to get some early Christmas shopping out of the way, so these early Walmart deals may benefit your shopping needs. We learned from Good Morning America that Walmart is putting out seasonal sales earlier than expected. No date has been announced yet as to when it will actually start.

The Walmart U.S. Executive Vice President and Chief Merchandising Officer, Scott McCall, told Good Morning America that the reason for early seasonal sales is because Walmart customers have mentioned that they started holiday shopping way earlier than other years.

It was also mentioned on Good Morning America that most of the sales will also be on the Walmart website for those that want to shop from the comfort of their homes.

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