A bat somehow got loose on a NJ bound Spirit Airline flight.

I would literally lost my mind if this ever happened to me.

The flight departed from Charlotte, North Carolina headed for Newark, NJ last week.

Around 30 minutes into the flight the bat made it's appearance flying freely around the cabin.

Some passengers joked about it, while others freaked out, while others slept through the entire fiasco.

The whole bat situation lasted about five minutes before one passenger had the guts to face the it and "caught the bat between a cup and a book and managed to lock it in a bathroom," according to thrillest.com.

What an insane situation.

Officials believe the bat got in an overhead bin somehow while the plane was being cleaned overnight in Charlotte.

Regardless, I've flown other budget airlines before (never spirit) but I'm so turned off by this story that I can promise you I will pay the extra buck to avoid this airline at all costs.

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