Finally ... 'Spicy Chicken Nuggets' are making a comeback at Wendy's.

Honestly, I say we thank Chance The Rapper ...

Yes, last May the Grammy award winning artist tweeted that he wanted Wendy's to bring back the very popular limited spicy chicken nuggets and the fast food chain actually took his affirmation in to consideration.

All spicy nugget fans had to do was get Wendy's tweet to 2 million likes.

Wendy's kept there word of course.

Yep, mark your calendars - August 19 the spicy nuggets will return.

Oh wait ... I forgot they marked your google calendar for you already with a lunch date invite. (see tweet below)

I'm not going to lie ... reading through Wendy's twitter account is quite entertaining.

I just love how they clap-back so GOOD!

Here's one of my favorites.

Yeah, so two important things we've learned from my blog today, Wendy's spicy chicken nuggets return August 19th and don't try to come for them on Twitter ... because they will fire back.


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