Whether you call it ketchup, catsup, red sauce or Tommy K, that wonderful tangy condiment is always close to our hearts and tables.

If you love dipping your fries in ketchup as much as we do, you've probably noticed the prominent "57" on Heinz' ketchup bottles. While it's been rumored to represent the number of products the Heinz corporation manufactures, that's actually a myth.

According to CNN, there were not 57 varieties of Heinz condiments when the Heinz corporation was first founded.

Henry J. Heinz came up with the idea in 1896 after being inspired by an advertisement for "21 styles" of shoes he saw during a visit to New York City. The number in the headline grabbed his attention.

Though Heinz thought it was a good marketing idea, he had no idea at the time that making such a small change to his brand would launch a slogan with massive staying power, helping to market the company for over a century.

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"I myself did not realize how highly successful a slogan it was going to be," Heinz once wrote in his diary, according to CNN.

As for his own number, Heinz Brand Director Ashleigh Gibson offered some insight into the history of the brand's famous "57" while speaking to TODAY.

"At the time, there were 60 products being sold, but he thought there was something mystical, magical and memorable about 57," Gibson explained. "He said he chose '5' because it was his lucky number and '7' because it was his wife's lucky number. It has been '57' ever since."

The iconic "57" also appears on other Heinz products including mustard, mayonnaise, baked beans and soup.

Flash forward to 2022, consumers can now spot thousands of Heinz products on the shelves of their local supermarkets, many sporting that famous "57."

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