If you live in or commute through Mercer County, you may want to find an alternate route for the next few months while repairs are being made on a few of the county's busiest roads, according to The Patch.

The New Jersey Department of Transportation (NJDOT) expected to begin a repair project today (Monday, February 28th) that won't be completed until the fall.

The roads being fixed are heavily traveled Route 206, Route 1, and Business Route 1. Specifically, Route 206 from around Arreton Road in Princeton to Sycamore Lane in Montgomery (Somerset County). Route 1 from Emmons Drive (near MarketFair) to around Varsity Avenue (right before the Washington Road Circle) in West Windsor Township, and Business Route 1 from Lake Drive (near Colonial Bowling and Entertainment and the Lawrence Shopping Center) to where it joins Route 1 (near Lawrence Toyota). The work will be on phases.

Road crews will avoid rush hours and work from 9am - 3pm, Monday - Friday. Only one lane of traffic will be closed at a time. Weather may affect work days and times.

If you're wondering what the repairs are, the article says there will be inlet repairs and concrete curb work on Route 206 in preparation for milling and paving later in the year. Crews will also fix the pavement so it lasts longer, is safer, and provides a smoother ride for all of us.

For up to date information on this and other construction projects, and travel information, click here.

Don't forget to pack some extra patience, there may be some extra traffic in the area.

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