During the pandemic, restaurants were forced to close their dining rooms due to an order by Governor Murphy. Because restaurants draw crowds and that is a way that COVID-19 spreads, Governor Murphy shut them all down. Restaurants were eventually able to offer take out, but with restrictions and restaurants still lost a lot of money not having people dine inside. However, they made the best of it and even started offering alcohol to go to boost sales. I think the restaurants that made out the best were fast food restaurants. People were already used to going to the drive thrus to get their food and it's super quick. There's so many to choose from, however, one fast food restaurant stands out as America's favorite.

The Daily Meal reports that Chick-fil-A has been chosen by Americans as their favorite fast food place to eat for six years in a row. If you've never been to a Chick-fil-A, then you're seriously missing out. They pride themselves on customer service, whenever you ask for something, they always respond with "My pleasure." They also have healthier  options than most fast food restaurants and their options are still delicious. I'm a huge fan of their nuggets and their chicken sandwiches. They have much less breading than other fast food chains do, so all that grease and other things in other chicken sandwiches doesn't exist with Chick-fil-A's chicken. Their breakfast is pretty good too. So, I'm not surprised that it was chosen as number one.

After Chick-fil-A, Americans chose Chipotle as their favorite restaurant, which comes as no surprise to me, it's extremely trendy amongst millennials.

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