It may feel like spring has barely begun... especially with the weather lately. But I was BEYOND thrilled to learn that at least one sign of the warmer weather has begun in our area.

No, I'm not talking about the forecast of 70-degree weather on the screen next week. I'm talking about food, and in this case, a TRUE summer classic.

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Stewart's Drive-In locations across our area have started to open for the 2022 season!

The iconic eatery is known for its carhop service, of course. Plus, they serve a menu of burgers, root beers (and floats), and hot dogs... perfect for the summer.

Of course, given the type of business they are in... they're typically open from the middle of the spring through about the middle of the fall. Makes sense. It's a true treat of summer.

Though, the Stewarts of Hamilton, NJ is open year-round. It almost spoils us in the dead of winter, right? I grew up at the Shore so I didn't realize that Stewart's could be open in the cooler months!

Well, I just found out that the Burlington, NJ location already opened for the season! They opened on March 16. That Stewart's Drive-In is located on Route 130 in Burlington.

As for some of the other Stewart's in New Jersey, here are some of their opening dates:

  • Stewart's of Tuckerton, NJ - Opens April 14, 2022. You can get some more details here.
  • Stewart's of Point Pleasant, NJ - Has Not Announced an Opening Date yet. But I'm watching! I love Stewart's in a shore town.

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