Margaret Reynolds, a 67 year old woman from London, was spending the day on the beach in Seaside Heights when she was struck by a beach umbrella that had been stripped from the sand by a strong gust of wind. Part of the aluminum umbrella pierced Reynold's ankle, and was forced completely through her right leg.

Local fire crews used a bolt cutter to free Reynolds from the umbrella before she was taken away by ambulance at 4:30 p.m yesterday. Many beach goers were panicked, trying to tend to the situation before professional help arrived.

According to NJ Weather Network, Seaside beach experienced winds of up to 28 mph yesterday at the time of the incident. Reynolds' remained in good condition according to Jersey Shore University Medical Spokesperson, Donna Sellmann.

Word of advice for New Jersey beach goers, purchase a circular sand bag to help prevent your umbrella from flying away during strong winds. If you're an amazon prime member, you can probably snag a really good deal on one during their annual prime  day sale! Hopefully you won't have to worry about flying umbrellas when trying to relax on the beach for the remainder of this summer season.





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