Get ready country fans and fans of bars in general! There’s a brand new bar in Wildwood, New Jersey that looks like it could be a great contender to be one of the best bars along the Jersey Shore starting this summer.

Wildwood’s HonkyTonk Saloon is celebrating its grand opening coming up in just over a week and it’s going to be one of the hottest bar openings we’ve seen in New Jersey.

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Personally, I love a themed bar, and this country-themed bar will without a doubt be drawing in a crowd during the summer months this year. I’ve been seeing pictures being posted by the bar itself and this spot looks huge.

There is a giant bar in the center of the room, a lot of space for roaming and dancing, plus arcade games to keep you entertained while you hang out and sip on some drinks. Wildwood is the heart and soul of the Jersey Shore just because there is so much to do there.


From the giant boardwalk with tons of rides, the shopping and arcade games on the boardwalk, restaurants, bars, and more, this is the perfect addition to the already iconic area that is Wildwood, New Jersey.

The grand opening for Wildwood’s HonkyTonk Saloon will be coming up really soon from May 10th to May 12th. There’s going to be drinks flowing and live performances starting when the doors open on May 10th at 5 pm.

Make sure to check this out early because I have a feeling if you go this summer, it’s going to be packed. Wildwood’s HonkyTonk Saloon is located at 3800 Boardwalk in Wildwood, NJ!

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