How would you describe driving in New Jersey to someone from another state? More importantly, how would you advise them to take on the mean streets of New Jersey?

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I'll hesitantly admit that I had to re-learn a thing or two after living in Central Pennsylvania for three years, despite the fact that I had lived and worked in New Jersey/Philadelphia my whole life.

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Sometimes it's obvious to tell who's not from here. They'll be the ones driving the actual speed limit in the left lane, or backing up on the highway to get back to their missed exit. And then you get up close enough to see "Georgia" or "Connecticut" on their plate and you think "Ah. That explains it."

I'll also admit that I am less forgiving when I see a plate that is from New Jersey going 45 in a middle lane on I-295, for instance. I've said the words "Come on man! Do you know where you are?" before I pass a slow vehicle more than I can count.

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So I salute those who set aside their pride to seek out advice for something they may not be prepared for, and that's what I found on recently on a New Jersey sub Reddit discussion.

A Reddit user from Los Angeles had just moved to our beloved Garden State and claimed that everything was great here, except for the driving! (Pretty much sums it up.) And when they asked for some advice on how to hold their own driving in New Jersey, the replies were pouring with advice - advice/unwritten rules that you won't find in your NJ Motor Vehicles handbook, but can actually come in quite handy.

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Strap your seatbelts! It's time to get on the road in New Jersey. Here's what Reddit users had to say.

Here Are 10 Tips For Driving in New Jersey - From NJ Drivers

According to "New Jersey" sub Reddit users! Check out the full thread HERE.

Do you agree/disagree? Don't be afraid to impart some of your own Jersey driving wisdom... There's someone out there who needs it!


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